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حجز دومينك بافضل الاسعار بدون منافس

Nom : Abderazake Ahbli
Compte N : 022780000109002770154574
Nom : Abderazake Ahbli
Compte N : 00 0718 A 000301423
R.I.B : 007780000718100030142313

 حجز دومينك بافضل الاسعار بدون منافس

Nom : Abderazake Ahbli
Compte N : 011.780.


حجز دومينك بافضل الاسعار بدون منافس

Nom : Abderazake Ahbli
Compte N : 190.780.21111.07339270006.68

Few major clarification :

* Only USB cable is required for unlock
* This solution makes Phone PERMANENT UNLOCK so even after updating firmware also phone will stay unlocked
* Software will be locked on one pc with finger print
* Software will work only when you have phone in hand (means usb sharing will not work)

Supported Models so far
G930T , G930T1, G930P, G930V
G935T , G935T1, G935P, G935V
N930T, N930T1, N930P, N930V
G950U (Only APP UNLOCK series : T-Mobile,MetroPCS,etc...)
G955U (Only APP UNLOCK series : T-Mobile,MetroPCS,etc...)
N950U (Only APP UNLOCK series : T-Mobile,MetroPCS,etc...)

How to use SamKEY TMO Edition :

  • 1) Activate USB Debugging (press Help button in SamKEY for instructions)
  • 2) Disable PATTERN / User Password / IRIS Lock / FingerPrint
  • 3) Connect phone to USB port (Powered ON)
  • 4) Press Calculate SEC
  • * If you see any error, or program hangs during Read Data > enable 'Deep Calculate' option and do from beginning
  • * If you see Unsupported Firmware message, You must write firmware first
  • * You can find firmwares here (IF NEEDED) :
  • After calculation operation finished, wait for phone to boot up (on HOME Screen)
  • Press Write SEC
  • * If you see any error during Write SEC on first try, enable 'Skip Erase' option, and try Write SEC again

SamKEY TMO is special software for Unlock T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Verizon and Sprint operator locked phones !
Which do NOT ASKING FOR NETWORK UNLOCK CODE, and just say : Invalid SIM Card (APP UNLOCK)


  • Delivery Time: 1-6 Hours
  • Sony Bootloader Password Finder Service
  • All Models Supported
  • AT&T USA - iPhone All model Premium service Price Update 

Contact Us for VIP Price/Bulk Orders/Reseller Price.  Strictly Terms :::No Refund::: If any Wrong Carrier or Wrong IMEI Submitted. Orders cancellation not possible if the order status 'In Process' Or 'Success'. Contact us at: or Skype: pikiche    

All instant service listed below:

* HTC Upto 2016 Latest Database - Instant
* LG Worldwide All Level Code - Instant
* Huawei Factory Code All [NCK+Simlock Block+Unlock Reset Key] - Direct
* GSX Original Info (Auto) - Instant
* Nokia SL3 LBF - Instant
* Orange France - All iPhone - 3 Hours
* ZTE Unlock (Worldwide all models) - Fast Service
* Sigma Pack 1, Pack 2 Activation Code - Instant - ~Official Reseller
* Octopus Box Samsung/LG Activation Key - ~Official Reseller
* Infinity Online All Service - Instant - ~Official Reseller
* Nokia Lumia WP8.0 - 8.1 - Instant Unlock by infinity Best Dongle
* z3x Pro Activation - Instant
* zZKey SmartZ Pro Activation - Instant - ~Official Reseller
* Volcano Merapi Tool Activation - Instant - ~Worldwide Distributor
* Nck Dongle / Box Yearly Activation - Instant - ~Worldwide Distributor


Pikiche Unlocking
Email :
Skype: pikiche
whatsupp: +212665987798

If you have further questions or require any help, please Submit a Ticket -Choose department to continue, and they will assist you asap.